Crystal Clear Training - video based learning

Welcome to Micron Training - Video-based tools and eLearning

Micron Training is the leading international audio/visual training and elearning provider to industry. We principally serve pharmaceutical, medical device, aerospace and biotechnology companies as well as those who produce microelectronics and optics, but we also serve all industries where risk and accountability are requirements within the work place.

We produce custom-made training projects from start to finish for our customers who want to provide an engaging training experience to their employees and contractors.  Our visually rich presentation style is ideal for detailed product promotions and demonstrations as well as for training.

Our catalogue of off-the-shelf teaching programs can transfer important concepts in an efficient manner to employees with little or no experience of working in regulated or controlled conditions where contamination control, good documentation, quality practices and compliance are a critical concern.

“Crystal Clear, Quality Tested Training” describes exactly the Micron Training philosophy to produce effective, understandable, accurate and repeatable programs that work. 

During development and production all Micron Training programs are supervised by experienced industry consultants and reviewed on release by a technical review panel drawn from a wide range of industry and academia.

We sell directly to companies and consultants worldwide as well as to hospitals and universities and we are always happy to answer questions and provide assistance on any subject.